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156                            LETTERS   FROM   THE

One of my correspondents is Mr. Mitford, a
brother of Lady Charles Annesley, who resides
at Amiens. Perregaux, the banker, is extremely
friendly and useful to me in this respect, and is
always ready with open purse-strings. His daugh-
ter is a very smart, pretty girl.1

Nothing can exceed Madame de Laborde's
attention to me. She is settled in her fine house,
Rue d'Artois (now Cersette). I went with her
and her daughter to the Lyc£e R6publicain, to
hear La Harpe read an "Analyse de Zaire."
Afterwards TAbbfe Morellet gave us an account
of his own examination by the Comit£ Revolu-

Madame de Poix had a ball the other night,
but I was lazy, and did not go. How comically
I should have been accoutred, in worsted stock-
ings and half boots, with a red handkerchief round
my neck 1 Such is the ball costume at present.

January 2nd, 1797.

Since my last,  I have   little  to say,  beyond
wishing you all a happy new year.     I hardly go

i She afterwards became  Duchess  de  Raguse   (Mar*